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Max was born on August 21, 1998.

As a puppy, Max was a quick
learner and seemed to enjoy
learning more and more.
And because of the fact that he
would behave, he led a very
privileged life, and got to
travel a lot.

Here he is at
Eldora Speedway
in Ohio.

(notice, no leash.)
He also enjoyed
the Holidays.

Here he is in 2008.
Max also knew the
importance of
dressing up for
special occasions.
Here he is set for a night on the town.
Max recently got to move
to a new house in 2008.
It had lots of room to spread out
and relax. . .
He also got to live in a lot of fun Las Colinas and
Ames, IA...
Max also loved
sprint car racing.

Here he is with
Wayne in 2008.
Max loved to eat and
never missed a meal.
And as in most hound
dogs, Max loved a
good nap.
With that, his curious hound-nose sometimes led him to trouble, by having the need to fulfill a
'vision quest' into turf outside of his own.
Max was a friend to everyone he met - dog - or human.

Here he is in 2009 with his 'cousin' Doppler.
On August 13th, 2009 at 10AM, Max lost
his battle with a virus he had most likely
picked up his latest 'vision quest.'

We were very grateful to our Vet that
allowed Max to pass away in his favorite
place, the back seat of the pickup that he
grew up since he was a pup.

And before he passed on, Wayne kept
repeating to him "Max, we're going home
now" as he was placed in the back seat.

Max looked up and knew that's where he
was going next.
And here's the view from Max's new home where he can watch the sun come up over the trees every day
in his back yard, watch the wind blowing in the grass...and keep and eye on us as we come and go through
the years to come.
Thanks for taking the time to read the story about Max the Dog. He will be missed by all that knew him and
his family that cared for him very much.

And if you'd like to relive a fun period of Max's life, please
click here to see 'A Day in the Life of Max the

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Click here to go to Wayne's website or click here to go to Darin's.
AUGUST 21, 1998 - AUGUST 13, 2009
August 13, 2010 Update:

A year has gone by since Max passed away.

But he is fondly remembered and certainly not forgotten. We built him a little memorial with some shiny
marble rocks supported by mesquite wood, a ceramic vase with birds (he liked birds, they didn't bother
them and likewise) and trees painted on it.

It is filled with bright orange cat tails and willows, just the sort of thing he liked to stroll through on his
trips through the woods...
click the play button for Max's song...
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Posted 8/13/13.

Here are some new flowers on Max's memorial from today, which is four years after his passing.
And recently, Max's 'cousin' Doppler passed away unexpectedly. To check out Doppler's memorial page, click: