Submitted 2/11/08:

Hello race fans,

It's hard to believe race season is upon us again. We attended the Feb Fast 50 at Cowtown
Speedway last weekend, and what a show it was. Full fields of top drivers from throughout the
region raced and each race was hard fought.

Backtracking a bit, during the off-season, we've been getting the car ready for the new year. It's
coming along well and we should be ready to hit the track early in the season.

I've also continued to help the team get their new cars prepped for the grueling WoO

After doing some work at their shop I took a picture of Max and myself with one of the new cars. (See below.)

Also during the off-season, I helped at various events, including the Cowtown
Speedway banquets, the Texas Racer's Auction,
RaceTech Workshop and driver
safety seminar.  Some of those pictures are also at the end of this page.

Congratulations to Sam for picking up his first career 410 victory in Florida recently. Winning
against the stout field of cars in Florida is a feat - by anyone's standards.

We're hoping to obtain at least one more sponsor before the season begins. As you probably
know, racing is very expensive and we're doing our best to keep up with the competition, within
the budget we have. Hopefully we can find another marketing partner to team up with - and can
help them with their goals off the track, as well.

Thanks for stopping by and I'm going to do my best to keep Wayne's Wandering's more current
this season. Last year ended up being a blur and was over with before I knew it.

Until then, best of luck to you!