posted 4/29/07

April 28,2007
Cowtown Speedway kenndale,Texas

Hello Race Fans,

It was a great night for racing in north Texas. The weather was in the low 80's.

I had a talk with a couple of friends about my chassis set up and decided to make some changes
for this weekend. ( bars and shock valving )

The track surface for hot laps was heavy and fast. I was feeling confident about the set up and we
went out with a fast racer.

Heat Race Results:

We started in the second heat, third row outside. The outside line had the advantage and we were
there to capitalize. The track was fast in the middle. I held my line lap after lap, to finish third.

Feature race:

The Cowtown crew did a spectacular job on maintaining the track between races to keep the
dreaded ruts from appearing.

We started the race third row on the outside. I felt the car was going to be fast and stable.
The raced started and we were on the way. Entering in turn one I felt the car bottoming out on the
left rear and heard a snapping noise.  From that point the car was not going to work.

I pulled off the track and called it a night without tearing up our car - or any of the competitors

We will regroup and try it again soon. I would like to take the time and thank my only crew
member, Darin Short, for doing double duties.

Darin was putting on the Classic Bomber race. (See picture below.) His job was starting the race
with the old fashion flagman start on the front stretch. The show was great so don't miss the next
one. Thanks to Melody Johnson of
G&H Plumbing for sending me the pictures.

We hope to see y'all soon at the races.