Submitted 5/22/07:

Hello race fans,

Saturday night Cowtown Speedway 05/19/07

We started of the race night drawing a 64 pill.  That placed us on the back of the heat race with all
the hard hitters in front.

We started on  the fifth row outside and finished fifth. During the course of the night the track
started to go away.

During the night the track started to chunk up and it looked like the surface was going to be fast.

Before the Sprint feature race I was talking to my friend Darin. I asked him do you think the track
will hold out or will it go slick. He replied 'smooth and slick.'

I told him that I made some changes for the slick surface.

I started on the fifth row outside and the track washed away, as Darin predicted. We encountered
several cars spinning out lap after lap. I was concentrating on slow is fast trying my best to not
spin out.

Next time I have some alternative plans on sitting up the car with the new 'spec' rear tires.

So we survived another race finishing sixth.

Here's what's coming down the pipeline for the coming weekend:


We will give it another shot at Cowtown Speedway. I hope to draw a better pill!


I will be driving for Steve and Sherry Land in the Competition Products #27 Sprint Series of Texas
305 class at the Heart of Texas Speedway in Waco.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend and I hope to see you soon at the races,