Submitted 8/5/08

Race Night 8/2/08:

Hello race fans,

Where has 2008 gone? We finally made it to the track this past Saturday night for the first time
this season.

Of course, it was the hottest day of the year with temps around 105 at race time, so it was a bit
more of a challenge than normal.

But Bo Rawdon and the Cowtown Speedway crew had the track surface smooth and fast, and it
actually stayed pretty good all night long.

The car worked well all night long, and I'd like to thank Rodd and Drew Hanna for helping Darin
and I at the track throughout the night. That definitely helped keep me fresh between races, as the
weather was such a drain on energy.

After finishing 6th in our heat race, it lined us up 17th in the A-feature. It was a wild race, with three
drivers getting upside down in three separate incidents. We were able to finish 11th and load the
car up in one piece, and that was our goal at the start of the night. So, we were pleased.

If you'd like to see some pictures and video clips from the night's action, please
click here, as
Darin posted some on his site.

Below are a few more of the pictures Darin took, and as soon as we get some more pictures from
the track photographer, Rudy, we'll get them up on the site too.


Right now our plan is to be back at Cowtown on August 9,
and we hope to see some of you there!
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