'Tis the season to take time out to thank you, the fans, for a great 2006 season. And here's a bit of a
recap of the season:

I was doing double duty this year working as a crew member with Sam Hafertepe, Jr
www.sam15.com) and getting to drive my car on occasion.

We spent many hour behind the wheel going to great racing venues and meeting a lot of people
along the way.

It was great getting to work with one of the original Outlaws, none other than The Ohio Traveler,
Rick Ferkel.  Rick was Sam's crew chief for much of the summer.

I remember as a child going to a sprint car race at Boothill Speedway in Shreveport, LA and Rick
was there. He ended up winning the feature race that night. It left quite an impression on me.

I learned a lot from Rick and I would like to thank him and his wife Cathy, for the hospitality they
displayed while we stayed at their house when racing in Ohio.

Also thanks to Bob Miller of Bob Miller Rigging in Findley, OH. He let us keep our race rig at his
shop and allowed us to use his company truck to get around town. If you need any machine moved
or need a tow - give them a call - they're great people to work with.

We raced all across the country with Sam, including races in: Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri,
Michigan, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Arkansas and

We also encountered one of the most strange track layouts I've ever seen at the Shawasse County
Fair in Coruna, Michigan. The track was carved out of a hill in a fairgrounds field and is shaped
like a baseball diamond. You would drive uphill in turn one and roll down into a sharp 90 degree
turn 2 and back to turn 3. Strange but true. The night turned out to be a crashfest for us and several
other drivers. . .

To top of the season with Sam, he captured the ASCS Sooner Region championship at South
Coffeyville, OK. I would like to thank the Hafertepe family for giving me the experience of traveling
with them during the year.

Also, special thanks to:

- John Merrel for helping out this year and the year's past.

- Rodd Hanna of
Air Performance Heating & A/C of Rockwall, TX.  Rodd's office is the official home
base of cwb15.com. Rodd is also Pete Butler's car owner. Pete races primarily in Arkansas.

- Darin Short of
DarinShort.com for super web support services. Check out his website for all of
your online and offline marketing needs.

- Sam Hafertepe Sr. and the gang at G-H Plumbing in Dallas, TX.

- The guys at
www.SprintCarExchange.com for super service and great prices on new and used
sprint car parts. Thanks Brandon & Jack!

Warhead Grafix for keeping me supplied with good looking vinyl graphics on the car.

Thanks again for taking the time to visit cwb15.com and check back soon for any other news
updates from our team.

Have a great Holiday season!

PS: I thought I'd leave you with a picture of my dog Max, taken at Eldora Speedway this summer.
Track promoter Tony Stewart put him to work as a corner worker for the night . . .